Transition To CCS

We take great care in ensuring that the transition to Chipping Campden School is as smooth as possible. It’s an exciting time where children step out of their comfort zone and grow through the process.

Most children join us at the beginning of year 7 and our transition programme is established yet continually reviewed to enable the best possible start. Our staff work closely with primary colleagues over the course of the year and more closely as the end of year 6 approaches. Pastoral, Academic and Senior Leaders share information with colleagues from around 40 schools. School leaders meet Head teachers from most local primary schools every half team to help keep up to date with Primary school matters.

We gather information about learning, particular needs and prior attainment. Our primary colleagues also provide us with additional information that help us to group children into 7 balanced tutor groups. Each of these tutor groups is led by a fixed team of some of our most experienced tutors so that we can support children most effectively, right from the beginning.

Of course, children occasionally worry about the big change of moving to secondary school so we ensure that they get a chance to meet one of our key staff and learn about our school before they come. In the case of our bigger primary and middle schools, Mrs Simper (Head of Lower School) or Mr Hilditch (Head of Main School) make a personal visit to each school, alternatively, children are invited in for a short presentation one afternoon in mid-June. The latter is especially reassuring for the children coming from much smaller schools where they may be the only child making the transfer.

Towards the end of June the official ‘induction’ consists of two full days at Chipping Campden School experiencing lessons, the buildings and most importantly the people. Children can also try travelling on the school bus routes during these days to break the ice before September. With senior students in examinations around this time the school is less busy and therefore provides a gentle introduction to all matters Campden. During these two days it is always lovely to see the children start to acclimatise and feel more comfortable. They realise that the Chipping Campden School family is a big one with many children just like them. Following induction children can’t wait to get started in September.