Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Strategies for support and intervention are identified & implemented e.g.

Strategies for support and intervention are identified & implemented e.g.

1.Literacy intervention
2. Numeracy Catch-Up
3. Dyslexia Support
4. Maths or English Tuition
5. Learning Support Mentor (LSM) Support
6. Differentiated Materials
7. Access arrangements for external exams
8. Modified Curriculum
9. Small Group work

Advice and support is sought from outside agencies if necessary Tracking & monitoring is carried out by the SENCO including Annual EHCP reviews

A review of progress and impact takes place Communication is with parents is vital

The Hive

Housed in its own facility, The Hive is a great asset to Chipping Campden School. It offers a wide range of support for our students:

1. Formal & Informal Counselling
2. SUMO – Emotional Intelligence Programme
3. Supported Study
4. Breakfast Club
5. Break & Lunchtime Supervision
6. Youth Support Service
7. School Nurse
 Gloucestershire SEND Local Offer can be found here

Vulnerable Students

The school is also committed to tracking and monitoring the progress of all vulnerable groups within the school in order to ensure that all appropriate and targeted early intervention is implemented . This includes students who are entitled to Free School Meals, Looked after Children, Special Educational Needs, Ethnic Minority, English as an Additional Language and those who are particularly gifted & talented. We strategically map the provision for each student and measure the impact of any intervention.

The Pupil Premium is very carefully targeted and monitored in order to help meet the needs of our vulnerable students. The funding may support the following areas; curriculum support - one to one tuition in English and Maths, year 7 transition and intervention work, Student Support Centre interventions, enterprise and careers advice, gifted & talented and subject intervention and revision sessions at key stage 3 & 4.

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