Thank You For Your Interest In Our School.

We offer Initial Teacher Training Placements as a part of the GITEP with the University of Bristol; PGCE program at the University of Gloucester; PGCE program at the University of Worcester. We have an excellent mentoring programme where you will be guided from lesson observation, to paired teaching, to solo teaching. We are not just a very successful school with altruistic intentions – our aim is to train you well enough so that we can employ you when posts arrive. A high proportion of our Early Career Teachers are appointed this way.

The GITEP model typically involves you joining all the other ITT trainees in Gloucestershire on Thursdays where you are taught as a whole cohort. In the afternoon, you are taught as subject specialists. Apart from study breaks, the rest of your time is spent in two schools. You typically have three written assessments, based on your practice in school. These carry credits towards an MA if you wish to pursue further study. For more information, please visit the website: ( .

We also offer Train to Teach Q&A online sessions. Book now for your fee place to see if teaching is the career for you: (

Jackie Flaherty - Director of Training & Development