How can I help my child with careers?

Parents: How can I help my child?

As a parent, you are very likely to be the biggest influence on your child’s future. The following are general ways in which you can help your child with their career choices.

  • Talk to them at various times about careers.Approach it as a specific topic of discussion.Try to be open to a range of careers possibilities. Encourage them to talk about their subjects, their use of Unifrog ( at school, and what areas they have an interest in.
  • Encourage them to take an interest in the occupation, and past occupations, of family members.This could also include family friends, neighbours, and close contacts.This may just be with the view of exploring other avenues that come from these careers.
  • Encourage them to explore Apprenticeships.
  • Spend time going through The National Careers Service( )website together.
  • Attend Options Evenings, Parents Evenings, and other Open Events at the school.This opens up a great chance to discuss careers with your child’s teacher who would have a good understanding of your child in an academic setting.
  • Encourage them to take part in extra curricular activities to develop soft skills such as leadership, participation, carrying out instructions etc.
  • Help them with interview preparation skills, creating a Curriculum Vitae which can be updated at regular intervals, and explain the importance of researching Sixth Form, Apprenticeships, and College options at Post 16.

  • We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our Post 16 Choices. This will help you understand Apprenticeships, Colleges, and Sixth Form. It will also help you understand entry requirements and Levels.

    Please see below for an excellent guide we produced on creating a CV, interview skills, and understanding apprenticeships. (ccs careers guidence)