Chipping Campden School students enjoy the rewards of their hard work

Chipping Campden School students were celebrating an impressive set of GCSE grades across a wide range of subjects, reflecting an intense period of hard work and commitment.
Following two national lockdowns and the eventual return to the classroom, students were finally able to celebrate all they have achieved despite the unprecedented period of disruption to their GCSE courses.
As an outstanding school with a track record of high performance well in excess of the national average, this year’s Chipping Campden School students were always well placed to have their efforts reflected in the grades they were awarded. Among those achieving a sweep of top grades was Harriet Poore, Ana Syme, Esme Fittes, Bonnie Dixon, Olivia Kingswood, Vienna Davies, Poppy Paylor, Emma Norrington and Henry Clarke.
In congratulating students and staff on such fantastic grades, John Sanderson, the school’s Principal, said “I’m delighted to see so many students being awarded the GCSE grades they richly deserve. They have had so much to cope with over the last two years and clearly overcame a great many challenges along the way.
Both students and staff have worked extremely hard and have every reason to feel proud of their achievements this year”. The Principal concluded his comments by adding “with such encouraging grades we are really looking forward to welcoming so many of our students, along with others from surrounding schools, back into our Sixth Form in September”.

If you would like to know more about student success at Chipping Campden School or would like to find out about the courses on offer in the Sixth Form then please contact the school at Celebrating A-Level Achievement at Chipping Campden School
Students at Chipping Campden School’s Sixth Form celebrated a very successful year of A Levels with students taking a full suite of formal examinations for the first time in three years.
As usual, this outstanding school and sixth form produced some fantastic individual results. In particular, Aaron Rigg, Aaron Syme and Ella McClenahan achieved three A* grades amongst their three or four A Level subjects which include, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Business Studies, English Literature, History, Sociology and the Extended Project. Similarly, Oliver Pinfold, Adam Hart, Jessica Gregg, George Clarke, Francesca Marshall, Lucy Griffiths and Charlotte Burkert were just some of those with a string of straight A* and A grades to their name. Equally outstanding was the strong progress made by so many of our students. Harry Wilson, James Mercer, Isaac Allport, William Dean, Milly Nixon and Amelie Ristov, are just some of those who exceeded even the most challenging of target grades.
Overall, 28% of all grades awarded to students at the school were either A* or A, with over 82% achieving A* - C. Once again, such strong results are expected to place the school significantly above the national average, not just in terms of outcomes, but also in terms of destinations to Oxbridge and the Russel Group Universities. Typically, around four in 10 of all Chipping Campden School students go on to Russell Group universities, compared with one in 10 nationally.
Head Boy Harry Ward (A,A,A,A) and Head Girl, Milly Nixon (A*,A*,A,B) who are off to study Sustainability & Environmental Management at Leeds University and Drama & English Literature at Manchester University, respectively.

A Level

Celebrating A-Level Achievement at Chipping Campden School
Students at Chipping Campden School’s Sixth Form celebrated a very successful year of A Levels with students taking a full suite of formal examinations for the first time in three years.

With such impressive results, Chipping Campden School students are able to take up their places at their first-choice university despite the increased competition. These range from students reading Biochemistry at Oxford University, Mathematics at Bath University, Neuroscience at Cardiff University, Veterinary Medicine at Harper and Keele University, Business at Exeter University, Mechanical Engineering at Liverpool University, Politics and Sociology at Birmingham University, Physics at York University, Sustainable Fashion at Leeds University, English Literature and History both at Manchester University, Mechanical Engineering at Loughborough University, Sports Journalism at Brighton University, Music at Queen’s University Belfast and International Management at Nottingham University.
The school’s principal, John Sanderson, said, “I am extremely proud of all that our students have achieved in the context of a very challenging two years. So many have worked extremely hard and clearly been rewarded for their ability to adapt and maintain a sustained focus on their learning. I’m pleased that so many now have the qualifications and skills they need to go on to the next stage of their learning.” He also praised the dedication and commitment of staff who have gone above and beyond on so many occasions, as well as emphasising the support given by parents in ensuring so many students successfully navigate these very demanding times and qualifications.
If you would like to know more about the achievement of students at Chipping Campden Sixth Form, or are interested in securing a place for September, simply go on the school’s website or email
Photo: Just some of the delighted students enjoying their A Level success at Chipping Campden School.
Page last updated: August 2022

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