The Charity is the modern day expression of the School’s unique and long heritage of benefactors, starting in 1440 and formalized under a Trust Deed in 1991.

The Charity’s primary purpose is to support Chipping Campden School and its students, particularly in circumstances where funding is unavailable or limited from other sources, and in doing so fosters:

· The equality of opportunity

· Identified learning opportunities for Chipping Campden School students under the age of 25

· Whole School projects

The Charity is managed by a group of appointed Trustees.

What is the role of the Trustees?

· To allocate appropriately available funds to support learning opportunities

· To maintain and preserve the financial health of the Charity for future generations

· To meet the requirements of the Charity Commission

How is funding support accessed? A request for funding is made to the Trustees by:

· Applications in writing from individual students to the PA to the Principal.

· The Principal, to seek support for whole school initiatives e.g. World Challenge, D of E, capital projects such as Astroturf or learning materials and equipment

· By Pastoral Leads or Subject Heads to seek support for individual or groups of students e.g. Head of Sixth Form for the Hilda Terry Travel A; Head of Music for the purchase of a musical instrument.

What will the trustees consider to be important when allocating funding?

· The learning opportunity to be funded may benefit all or some of the following: the development of a particular talent, life skills such as resilience and the ability to work with others, the broader community and environment, cultural understanding and the celebration of diversity. The Trustees will look to understand the opportunity provided by the specific nature of each application.

· Financial help may be necessary for the learning experience to be accessed as no other or only limited funds are available to the student/s

· Trustees will be mindful of student and family economic circumstances, and the commitment already demonstrated to access the opportunity, and other available sources of funding.

Brian Chatfield

Chair of Trustees


Vice Chair of Trustees

Neil Makin OBE


Geoff Slade


Lindsay Hay


Les Southam


Andy Jones


Ken Wood


Stephen Burnett


Annette Sansom

Clerk to the Trustees