Joining the School

In Year Applications for current Years 7 – 10

The School is currently oversubscribed in all Year Groups, with Waiting Lists for places. In order to apply, please complete the In Year Admissions Application Form which can be downloaded below and submit it to together with proof of your home address and proof of your child’s date of birth please. Failure to supply these documents may result in a delay in processing your application.

Our Catchment Area Map can be found here:

We welcome applications from outside of our priority Catchment Area. Admissions are processed strictly in accordance with our Published Admissions Criteria.
If you have any queries regarding the admissions or appeals process, please contact Mrs Wendy Murphy, Principal’s PA and Office Manager on 01386 848738 or by e-mail at

Published Admission Numbers (PAN) for each Year Group are:
Year 7/Sept 2021           225
Year 8/ Sept 2021          225
Year 9/Sept 2021           208
Year 10/Sept 2021          208
Year 11/Sept 2021           208
Applications will be processed and places /Waiting List places allocated strictly in accordance with our Published Admissions Criteria

Sixth Form Admissions

Please see the sixth form website