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Welcome to the exams area of our website where we will share important dates for internal and external assessments, along with key information about taking exams at Chipping Campden School. If you have any questions about taking exams, please contact the Examination Office for more information.

We wish you the very best for your exams.

Mrs. L Burkert

Data and Exams Manager

Mrs. H Minett

Deputy Examinations Officer

Latest News

  • Results Days:  For details on the arrangements for A Level (17th August) and GCSE (24th August) results days for CCS students, please see Results Day Letter.
  • Post Results:  There are a number of options available if you have a concern about a result.  For a quick guide to your main options: requesting one of the reviews of results or getting hold of a copy of a marked exam paper (access to scripts), please see the CCS Post Results Services infographic (available 17th August).  Students should speak to a member of SLT or their subject teacher in the first instance.  If one of the results services is considered the appropriate course of action, then students (not parents) will need to complete the relevant form (see Application Forms section) and submit it to the Exams Office.  Details of when and how to submit are on the forms, please check carefully before submission. Printed copies will be available on Results Day.
  • Year 10 mocks are the next set of exams we are running, and these start immediately on our return after Easter, on Monday 17th April, and run for two full weeks.   Personalised timetables will be released on Edulink by 24th March, subject entries are already available on Edulink.
  • January 2023 exam results are due to be issued on Wed 15th March for Cambridge Technicals (Sixth Form qualifications) and Thurs 16th for Cambridge Nationals (Year 11 qualifications).
  • Summer external exam Statement of Entry letters will be distributed during Tutor Time from Wed 17th March, along with subject entries on Edulink.  Seated timetables with resolves clashes will be released by 21st April.
  • November 2022 exam certificates will be distributed to students during March.  Please keep these safe, they will cost you approx £50 to replace each certificate.

Exam Timetables

2023-2024 schedule TBC

Upcoming Term

2023-2024 schedule TBC

National Exam Timetables

November 2023
AQA GCSE Timetable (English Language)

Pearson Edexcel GCSE Timetable (Maths)
January 2024
Cambridge Nationals Timetable

Cambridge Technicals Timetable
Summer 2024
AQA 2024 A/AS/L3 Timetable

AQA 2024 GCSE Timetable

Pearson Edexcel A/AS Level Timetable

Pearson Edexcel GCSE Timetable

Pearson Edexcel BTEC Timetable

OCR A Level Timetable

OCR GCSE/Cambridge Nationals Timetable

Application Forms

Post Results Forms available from 17th August

Candidate Information Documents

Subject/Award Body List

Here is a list of the subjects we offer at GCSE and A Level, and the Awarding Body that we currently use for each of those subjects. Please note the Awarding Bodies for a subject at GCSE can be different to the same subject at A Level.

Summer Exam Results

GCSE/L1/L2 - Results Summary

A Level/L3 - Results Summary
GCSE/L1/L2 - Results Summary

A Level/L3 - Results Summary